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How we give back.

Here at Cultivate Kindness we believe that charity starts at home and we take that very seriously and personally. We started a small non-profit organization guided solely by God and it’s a project that was placed on our hearts by the Lord during this past pandemic, this encouraged us to start ‘FEEDING SA TOGETHER’ vegetable Project, feeding scheme and blanket drive. What exactly do we do?? Well just as the title says we go into our local poor communities and set up vegetable and herb gardens, we educate the community about vegetable care and basic crop care as well as seed and plant propagation for future planting, we partner with community members and deliver warm soup and bread to the homeless.The end goal is a community able to sustain themselves in hard times and guaranteed a healthy fresh meal everyday regardless of home or living conditions.We all have the opportunity to make a change and Cultivate Kindness. 
Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;

If you would like to partner with us or For more information with regard to ‘FEEDING SA TOGETHER’.

Plant Maintenance Services

Indoor Plant Mainteance

Keep potting soil moist. Remember NOT to make the soil to wet or let it dry out.

Make sure your plant pot has open drainage holes to allow excess water to run out from bottom of the pot (a drip try under your pot will help keep water contained)

Place your indoor plant near a light source, whether it’s natural or artificial

Air Plant Maintenance

 A good rule of thumb is to water an air plant once a week. Of coarse, every home and conditions are different so you can water your air plant as needed. If your home is dry water more often if that’s not the case then once a week will be perfect.

Outdoor Maintenance

Watering. Remember pot plant roots can NOT access water or moisture from the earth naturally. Check soil every 3 days if moist leave it and if dry add water.

Feeding. To keep plants blooming, fertilize with a water-soluble fertilizer every 3 months

Deadheading. During the growing season, encourage your plants to keep blooming by removing (pinching off) flowers that have faded.



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